Friday, 8 June 2012

NOTD: Nude Glimmer

Hello everyone! :) So its the looooong weekend! woohoo for the 4 day weekend! :)
Advanced/Late Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II! :)
Fun Fact: June 11 is not actually the queen's real birthday! Her real birthday is on April 21! :)

I decided to paint my nails a nude colour, because I have been getting obsessed nude nail polishes and I also decided to top it off with an accent nail on my ring finger! I just love the look of accent nails :)
BYS Nail Polish in "Nude"
Ulta 3 Nail Polish in "Precious"
Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in "Clear"
p.s please excuse my messy job! I'm really messy when putting nail polish on!

AND dont forget to check out my latest video: May/Current Favourites!


  1. Hey I love this look! :) are the bus nail polishes good? xx

  2. Thank you! :) and thanks as well for following! They are pretty good, considering the price :) although it really depends on the colour that you buy because some of the colours are really pretty, and dont chip easily whereas others are very sheer and chip after a few days. Although so far, I am really happy with them! xx